Shape & Form


Shapes are one of the fundamental visual design elements of photography. We know how to use shapes effectively to convey emotion and meaning in our photographic compositions.

In photo composition the four structural elements shape, form, pattern and texture is important. Images where one or more of these structural elements are used tend to be of an abstract nature. In this kind of photo composition you will find many of the images to be close ups or macro shots.

Our ability to identify and see the potential in shapes, forms, textures and patterns can be very important if you want to shoot different images standing out from the crowd. By using different shooting angles or by changing the lighting, we can change the subject’s structures dramatically and produce very different images.

Emphasizing shape and form is a subject that we deal with constantly, meaning searching out subtleties in what’s in front of the camera. Because of the different shapes of the formations around us, searching out ones in which the pieces fit together like a jigsaw puzzle can make a difference to the look at the overall image.

Shape deals with the two dimensional qualities of a subject and Form, relates the three dimensional qualities. We love to find objects with appealing shapes and to capture them in an equally appealing way. Like the other classic design elements, skilful use of shape can give your image heaps of meaning and interest. Also, we understand the different types of shape and how to use them in your work allowing us to dramatically improve the quality of your images.